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MoDOT Transportation Library: Economic Impact of Bypasses

About This Guide

This guide identifies any papers or studies which discuss the economic impact of highway bypasses in the U.S. or Canada with a particular emphasis on the state of Missouri (for proposed or completed bypasses)

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Alphabetical List of Missouri City Bypasses
Studies by Missouri City and Route
Studies for States/Provinces Outside Missouri
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Last updated: April 22, 2021

List of Missouri City Bypasses

City County By-Pass Highway Completed Dates Type of Report
Boonville Cooper US 40 to I-70 1960 Post-construction (1965)
Bowling Green Pike US 61 1983 Post-construction (1995)
Cabool Texas US 60 1974  
Canton Lewis US 62 1978  
Carthage Jasper US 71 1986 Post-construction (1995)
Collins St. Clair US 54/Route 13 Unknown Pre-construction (1993)
Eldon Miller US 54 1975  
Freeburg Osage US 63 Proposed Pre-construction (2007)
Fulton Callaway US 54 1971  
Hannibal Marion and Ralls Hannibal Expressway Proposed  
Jackson Cape Giradeau US 61 Proposed Project recommendation (2017)
Kirksville Adair US 63 2011 Pre-construction (2008)
La Grange Lewis US 61 1978  
Lebanon Laclede I-44 1957 Post-construction (1961)
Macon Macon US 63   Feasibility (1964)
Mountain Grove Wright US 60 1977  
Nevada Vernon US 71 1971  
Pineville McDonald US 71/I-49 In progress Construction (2021)
Poplar Bluff Butler

US 60

US 67



Post-construction (1995)

Post-construction (2007)

Rolla Phelps

US 63

US 66



City master plan (2009) & EIS (2009)

Post-construction (1957)

Vichy Maries US 63 Proposed Pre-construction (2007)
Vienna Maries US 63 Proposed Pre-construction (2007)
West Plains Howell US 63 Proposed Project recommendation (2017)
Westphalia Osage US 63 Proposed Pre-construction (2007)

Original source: Economic impact of highway bypasses in Missouri (University of Missouri-Columbia, 1995)

Studies by Missouri City

Boonville (2010 population 8,319)
Bowling Green (2010 population 5,334)
Carthage (2010 population 14,378)
Collins (2016 population 153)
Freeburg (2010 population 437)
Hannibal (2010 population 17,916)
Jackson (2010 population 13,758)
  • Missouri State Freight Plan recommends a planning study for non-prioritized planning project (bypass construction around NW side of Jackson, possibly beginning near County Rd. 335, going NE and tying back into North High Street (US 61) at Route Y, or somewhere N of the Jackson North Industrial Park) at a cost of $6-$8 million.
Kennett (2013 population 10,916)
Kirksville (2010 population 17,505)
Lebanon (2010 population 14,474)
Macon (2010 population 5,471)
Pineville (2016 population 787)
Poplar Bluff (2010 population 17,023)
Rolla (2010 population 19,559)
Vichy (2000 population 801)
Vienna (2010 population 629)
West Plains (2010 population 11,986)
  • Missouri State Freight Plan recommends a planning study for non-prioritized planning project (bypass construction of West Plains with no stop lights) at a cost of $50-$60 million.
Westphalia (2010 population 330)

Source for population figures: U.S. Bureau of the Census & 2013/2014 Missouri Roster

Studies by Missouri Route

Route 13
Route 40
Route 50
  • Plotas, P V. 1997. The bypass impact on communities. IN: Traffic Congestion and Traffic Safety in the 21st Century: Challenges, Innovations, and Opportunities, American Society of Civil Engineers, 1997, p. 167-172. Full-text available internally only.
Route 61
Route 63
Route 66
Route 67
Route 71/Interstate 49
Interstate 70

State/Provincial Studies Outside Missouri

  • Report on economic and land value impacts of bypasses (Maine DOT, 2008) -- no longer available online; all economic impact studies listed in the report are already mentioned on this site

New Jersey

New York
North Carolina
South Carolina


Other Studies