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Reference Services

The Reference Services Division of the Missouri State Library connects Missouri state government employees with quality information resources.

Services for state employees:

Resources for the public:

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New Missouriana Books

Available now from the Missouri State Library

57 Years: A History of the Freedom Suits in the Missouri Courts by Anthony J. Sestric

Andrew Taylor Still, 1828-1917 by Carol Trowbridge

Chasing the Last Laugh: Mark Twain's Raucous and Redemptive Round-the-World Comedy Tour by Richard Zacks

I Was Right on Time: My Journey from the Negro Leagues to the Majors by Buck O'Neil

Kansas City's Parks and Boulevards by Patrick Alley and Dona Boley

The Life of Helen Stephens: The Fulton Flash by Sharon Kinney Hanson

Missouri State Fair by Rhonda Chalfant

The Presidency of Harry S. Truman by Donald R. McCoy

Pioneer Programmer: Jean Jennings Bartik and the Computer that Changed the World by Jean Jennings Bartik

Walt Disney: An American Original by Bob Thomas

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