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Interlibrary Loan Services for Missouri State Government Employees

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Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service provided to Missouri state government employees to obtain books, articles, and other materials not available from the State Library’s collections or from the Missouri-based library partner system, MOBIUS.

The Missouri State Library utilizes a worldwide network of institutions to obtain research materials for Missouri state government employees, and there is no fee for the service.

  • Missouri state employees are welcome to submit an interlibrary loan request for work-related items. State employees who need materials for a college or university class should consult with library staff affiliated with that college or university. The public is encouraged to use the interlibrary loan service at their local public library. 
  • Articles requested by state employees are generally delivered electronically to the State Library from the loaning library within a few business days. State Library staff will then deliver the requested article to the state employee via his or her state email address.  Articles do not need to be returned.
  • Books requested by state employees generally take a bit longer to get to the State Library than articles, as they are often being shipped across many states. Books can be picked up at the State Library or delivered to state employees through interagency mail or UPS. State employees who receive books via UPS will need to cover the cost to ship the book back through UPS.
  • Books and other physical items should be returned to the Missouri State Library by the due date. State employees are responsible for loaned books and other physical items until they are returned to the Missouri State Library.
  • In order to comply with copyright law, State Library staff may need to modify or cancel an interlibrary loan request and will notify any patron whose request is altered.
  • Questions? Contact us at 573.751.3615 or

Refer to the full Missouri State Library Interlibrary Loan Policy document for further details.

Renewing and Returning ILL Items

To renew your ILL item, please e-mail or call 573.751.3615. ILL staff will then contact the loaning library on your behalf to negotiate a new due date, but all renewals are at the discretion of the loaning library. You cannot renew ILL items online.

To return your ILL item, you may mail it to:

Missouri State Library - Reference Services
Attn: ILL Department
600 W. Main St.
Jefferson City, MO 65101

You may also drop it off in person or in the book drop located in the circle drive at the address above.

Missouri State Library Card

State employees requesting books and other physical items through interlibrary loan need a Missouri State Library card.

Don't have a Missouri State Library card?

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