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New Library Catalogs (for State Employees)

How do I get to the new catalogs?

Same way as before! The Find & Renew Books page will still feature search boxes for each catalog. 

To access each catalog directly, click:

State Library catalog:

*MOBIUS catalog:

*Please note: the MOBIUS catalog is experiencing lag times and undergoing active development.

What is my barcode?

Your "barcode" is your 14-digit State Library card number found along the back of your card.

back of State Library card with 14 digit card number circled

What is my PIN? How do I make one?

Our tutorial dedicated to PINs will walk you through how to set up your PIN for the first time. 

Your PIN will be a confidential 6-digit number that you create for yourself. It is different from your library card number.

Note: Reference Services staff will not have access to your PIN. 

What happened to my checkouts?

Your checkouts of State Library items should have transferred to your new library account. Please contact us if you notice anything incorrect or missing from your account.

What happened to my holds?

Unfortunately, holds did not transfer to your new library account. Please contact with us for assistance with replacing your previous holds.

Will I still be able to use Libby | OverDrive?

Yes! The Libby app and OverDrive website will continue to work for all your eBooks and audiobooks.

If you experience issues when verifying your library card number, please contact us.

Will this transition affect any digital resources?

No. You will still be able to access EBSCO, ProQuest, Libby, Social Explorer, and more on our Find Digital Resources page.

Can I still pick up books from my nearby MOBIUS library (Pick Up Anywhere)?

New Pick Up Anywhere requests will be unavailable for the foreseeable future. If you have a book request, please fill out our interlibrary loan form or contact us for assistance.

Can I still apply for a library card?

Yes! We will continue to process new library card applications.

Will my local public library also be changing?

Sort-of. Most MOBIUS member libraries are associated with colleges and universities. However, there are some "standalone" public libraries that participate in MOBIUS borrowing and lending - those libraries will also experience the MOBIUS catalog hiatus. To see the full list of participating libraries, view the MOBIUS membership list.