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Guidelines for Using Public Computer & the Internet

The State Library has one computer for searching government information online. Patrons may not use software other than that provided and installed on the workstation. The Library does not monitor or control information accessible through the Internet.

Staff Assistance

Library staff cannot provide training concerning Internet jargon or search strategies. Staff will instruct patrons how to use the Library's catalog and find government information.

Time Limits

The computer is available on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be reserved ahead of time. If other patrons are waiting, staff may limit the amount of time a patron may use a workstation.


No printing is available from the public computer.

Ethical Use

No one may use the Reference Services public computer to commit illegal acts. Such acts may include but are not limited to: forgery or fraud, libel, slander or any form of harassment, an invasion of privacy, unauthorized access to any computer network, or public display of material from sites that may be deemed under federal or state statues. Patrons are responsible for any consequences of copyright infringement. Accessing illegal or offensive material will be cause to lose all Reference Services computer privileges.