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About Our Classes

A librarian from the Missouri State Library Reference Services Division will guide Missouri state government employees in the use of information tools that contain journal articles, e-books, legislative materials, business profiles, Census materials and more. 

State Library staff can provide presentations for your next meeting, in person or via webinar, and can create in-depth sessions customized for the research needs of your office.

We also provide classes quarterly at MOTEC- the Center for Management and Professional Development Training Labs. 

Questions and class requests can be directed to Sarah Irwin at or 573-522-2796. 

Upcoming Classes

Navigating the Census

October 21, 2015, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Cost: FREE!

Class description:  Need basic tips on navigating the Census website for data? This session provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the Census website’s American Fact Finder tool to retrieve data files from the decennial Census and the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.  Additional Census data harvesting tools are also introduced.

Location: Center for Management and Professional Development Computer Labs, 1738 East Elm, Jefferson City, MO.

Registration: Email, and include your contact information and title of the class.

Questions? Contact Sarah Irwin:, or 573 522-2796.


Missouri state government employees can contact Sarah Irwin ( or 573 522-2796) if they would like to request a FREE presentation, class or webinar for their office.

We also have recorded webinars of our most popular classes.  These videos can be viewed on our Tutorials and Videos page. 

Request a FREE class or presentation

Whether you would like her to stop by for 20 minutes or 2 days, in person or via webinar, Sarah Irwin, Outreach and Training Librarian, can present on any of the class topics below, in any combination, as best suits the needs of your state government group.

Business Research Featuring AtoZ Databases:  Focused on helping state employees use the business-specific databases in our collection, this class highlights tools such as AtoZ Databases, which state employees can use to find Missouri businesses and generate lists by city or county, company size, industry code and other factors. Also featured in this session are additional databases that provide business and industry information, trend reports and articles.

Library Resources for State Employees: The Missouri State Library Reference Services Division is YOUR library—the library for state employees.  If you don’t know much about us, or if you want a refresher on the many resources and services we provide for state employees, this class is for you!  We will cover how to access our digital collections of ebooks, research articles, magazine and newspaper pieces, business profiles, legislative research tools, and much more!

Internet Search Tips: Looking for some simple and effective ways to enhance your Internet search skills?  Look no further!  Join us as we cover web and information literacy basics, explore search engine options, and introduce easy ways to modify your searches to get better results. 

Laws and Legislation with LexisNexis:  State Capital Universe, a LexisNexis database, is introduced in this class. This database allows keyword searching of bills, statutes, and regulations from all U.S. states in one convenient environment. Included in this class are explanations of search features and instructions on how to pull needed information from this database.

Navigating the Census - This class is focused on providing basic information and tools to help data seekers find needed material in the U.S. Census website. Step-by-step instructions on how to use the Census website's American Fact Finder service to retrieve data files from the 2010 Census and the Census Bureau's yearly American Community Survey are introduced.

To request a class, webinar or presentation, contact Sarah Irwin:, or 573 522-2796