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History of the Missouri State Library


What is the Missouri State Library?

The Missouri State Library is a division of the Secretary of State's Office. The State Library currently provides direct library and information reference service in support of the employees of Missouri state government, promotes the development of library services throughout the state, and strives to ensure all Missourians have equal access to library services. 

Missouri State Library Bookmobile ca. 1940-1955
Charging Desk
Reference Library Reading Room
Missouri Library Commission, Office, 1910
Commission Stack Room, 1910
Class in Library Methods, Summer School, 1914
1907 Traveling Library Stations Map
A Group of Traveling Libraries
1908 Traveling Library Stations Map

Missouri Libraries Historical Collection

The Missouri Libraries Historical Collection is a special collection with the objective of making historical materials relating to Missouri libraries and library development accessible on site at the Missouri State Library. This collection includes reports, monographs, periodicals, surveys, studies, and ephemera authored by the State Library, about the State Library, and about library development in the state of Missouri. View the collection in our catalog.